Monday, February 03, 2014

OOTD: Follow your Arrow Wherever it Points

If you won’t have a drink then you’re a prude; but they’ll call you a drunk as soon as you down the first one.

Damned if you don’t, damned if you do; so what is left for us to do? Just do your own thing, as long as you stay true to what you believe in and the values you keep, then, go ahead. People will judge you for whatever you do; but the most important thing and what will matter most is how you look at and value yourself. At the end of the day it’s you who will reap from whatever it is that you do and not other people. I’m not saying totally close your ears to what others will say; but my point is that filter what you actually digest because you can never filter what you will hear; but at least know the ones that are worth keeping and taking note of.

Satchel Bag: Gifted by Mama Bels from work | Camera Ring: Bought from Cebu

Make lots of noise, kiss lots of boys or kiss lots of girls if that’s something you’re into. When the straight and narrow gets a little too straight roll up a joint or don’t...

Try to reason out; but if their minds are closed to new ideas, we can’t really do anything about it. No matter how hard we try to show them our side of the world and no matter how much we want them to understand, it’s not really up to us now. If they can’t open up their mind, they don’t deserve the beauty that we see, that we experience, that we understand; either that, or just, to each his own.

Cat Ear Headband: Bazaar bought | Top: Gifted by Ros | Shorts: Ward 88 | Shoes: Reebok Real Flex 

Just ‘cause you can’t beat ‘em; don’t mean you should join ‘em.”

Stand up for what you believe in. Stand your ground. Just because some people condemn you for things they do not understand and fail to appreciate doesn’t mean they will always be right. Go back to the roots of what you believe in, of what you stand for; what are you fighting for? Don’t give in to the call of the crowd especially when you know that your personal values are at stake. Show them you’re strong and you’re firm and you will never back down. Stray strong and stay true to yourself and to who you really are.


  1. Cute ng headband! I see many fashion bloggers wearing that lately! :)

    1. Medyo uso nga yung cat's ear na headband; but I got mine for less than a hundred bucks! ;)

  2. I love this post. I do agree in everything you said here. Its what Ive been doing now shutting every negative things that will do no good for me or for everyone.

    Cute headband! And I think we have the same top. ^_^

  3. The satchel bag has a nice pop of color for any outfit you would wear. I like that size because big bags are just hassle for me.

  4. Yeah. Sometimes, we just gotta believe with ourselves.. As Van der Woodsen says, " people dont tell you who you are, you tell them."

  5. I feel people can always have something awful to comment if they want to, with your first quote. as long as you can live with what you have done at the end of the day I think you're okay! love the plaid shirt!

  6. OMG! I super like your bag and cat ears headband, they're so cute. :)

  7. I like the color combination babe! Plus the headband added some oomph to your whole get up! :)

  8. I agree with you! We can never please everyone. People will continue to judge us whether we do good or bad. It is human nature to judge others. What matters most is how you perceive yourself and how you value your principles. :)

    Lovely outfit as always! And you look so cute with that cat ears headband! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  9. you're looking very cute in this outfit.


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