Tuesday, August 26, 2014

See You at Blogapalooza 2014

My Blogapalooza 2013 ID
Writing, for me, is an outlet. It's through writing that I find comfort when I'm stressed, where I can just rant out those things that bother me in a more vague and subtle manner and just release all the emotions I have inside. I have been keeping two blogs (not all of you might know of it). One is this - Gelleesh.com and the other one is in Tumblr - Gelleesh.tumblr.com. I want to keep all my positive, encouraging, and beauty and fashion related posts here while go rant about things and release all my emotions at my Tumblr blog. 

I have been blogging since I was in High School but I only started Gelleesh.com back in 2011. To tell you quite frankly, my past posts are full evidence of how I have transformed and have learned a lot through blogging. You see, blogging is not just about writing and sharing your knowledge to other people, it's also about chronicling your growth, getting to know people who might help you grow along the way and one way or another, you'll meet some critics who will not be so nice to you. It happens and it's inevitable, I guess. You can't please everyone, anyway.

And since blogging has, also, become one of the things that I call "what I do on the side" since I get paid for some blogging stints or get to the first dibs on some products, movies or news; it's highly important that bloggers, nowadays, learn to network not just with fellow bloggers but also with brands who might be interested to try this new and alternative way of advertising and getting the word out.

With blogger friends during Blogapalooza 2011 :)
Joining Blogapalooza has helped me expand my network of blogger friends and brands I can work with in order to keep my blog alive. I'm actually pretty glad how the Philippines have been slowly adapting to new and alternative ways of doing things and one of these is webmarketing and tapping bloggers.

And as for us, bloggers, I would just like to continuously remind you all to keep your integrity and use your influence to create a positive atmosphere around you. Make proper use of your God-given talent in writing and charisma to influence to people to bring about good changes in your society and show the world our power as social influencers!

Register and join Blogapalooza on September 20, 2014 at the SM Convention Center 1 & 2 in SM Aura through Blogapalooza.WheninManila.com. See 'ya there! 


  1. Hello Ms. Gellie! i have a question, I always read blogs but I don't comment that much (silent follower lol) I also have my own blog but because of school, i don't have that much time to blog, my question is, can i still attend blogapalooza even though I don't blog that much po? :) Thank you!

    1. You can register and the Blogapalooza guys will be the one to confirm your RSVP for the event. Anyone with a blog can regsiter naman. It'll be a good opportunity for you to be more motivated in your blogging. :)


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