Monday, November 16, 2015

OOTD: When Shopping Was Such A Drag

I used to hate shopping and it’s just now that I have fully accepted and understood the real reason behind it. I used to say it’s tiring to go around and fitting clothes but in reality, I really love doing it. It was just that, before, I wasn’t confident enough to go inside a store, try out clothes, and then only to realize that even their biggest size wouldn’t fit me.

It was frustrating. It was embarrassing.

Top: Forever 21 | Cardigan: Cotton On | Shorts: Forever 21
After having identified specific stores that carry my size, I would just go there directly, buy whatever fits me, and then leave. Staying at the mall and window shopping was so depressing for me because I know that none of those clothes would even fit me so why bother?

There had been a time that I lost weight but odd enough, I don’t feel happy about it. More clothes fit me, I get more attention from the opposite sex as well, but I feel weak and I wasn’t healthy. I lost weight because I wanted to be pretty. The intention was totally wrong so I never felt satisfied. I still felt ugly no matter how much people tell me I look good or that I’m hot.

After having gone through that and so much more, I can happily say that I’m in a healthier journey now and with better intentions for losing weight. I have slowly been shedding a few pounds and it’s all thanks to my, now, healthier choices in life – food, lifestyle, and even relationships (romantic and platonic). It may not be a quick drop but it sure is the healthier route.

Bag: Gelleeshop
Shoes: Crocs
I had help, of course. My partner had been very supportive and has encouraged me all throughout my journey. He assured me that he loves me just the way I am and if I’d want to lose weight, it should be because of health reasons and to be stronger. For him, I’m the most beautiful girl in the world and he never fails to remind me that. Not always through words, but in many other ways I wouldn’t have expected.

Some family members and friends have also been very loving and accepting. They know that my shape and size would never be a hindrance to what I can do and how far I can go.

So now, I can honestly say that I love shopping. I would frequent the department store (SM Women Plus has some very good plussize pieces), Cotton On, Forever 21, and many other boutiques I dare not to enter before. Because now, whether something fits on me or not, it doesn’t really matter anymore. Oh, and I still also shop online. As a matter of fact, here I am catching myself eyeing on skaterskirts! I still don’t own one and I used to think that it won’t look good on me but who knows. I would love to give one a try soon.

Confidence – they say it’s the sexiest accessory a woman can wear and true enough, if you are confident with your own body, you will be sexy, fierce and beautiful in the eyes of other people as well. Keep in mind that what other people think of you is a reflection of how you think of yourself as. So keep your head up high and tell yourself that you are beautiful. PERIOD.


  1. I used to feel the same way when I was 20 lbs heavier. Nothing fit so I felt it was pointless to shop.

    1. I'm happy with my new found confidence. I guess that's the key. And I'm slowly losing weight again. :)

  2. Yes I agree. Confidence is the key in looking great. No matter what you look or what you dress, if you feel good about yourself then you will absolutely look great.

  3. I happened to think the opposite way but when I gained weight it was quite embarrassing for me too. Looking over shops to get something fitting but it will pass over soon.


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