Friday, December 18, 2015

Imagining The Dress On That Special Day

I remember that when I was around 8 or 9 years old, I would use the remaining pages of my old notebooks to draw myself wearing my own designed wedding dress. I would spend hours and hours just dreaming and drawing about that special day and then, eventually, end up drawing my dream house after that, then designing what my kids would wear… You know the drift.

When I checked out the cute wedding dresses 2016 fromDresswe, I started imagining myself again walking down the aisle and wearing the different dresses they have on their website. So here are my top choices:

Charming Sweetheart Lace Crystal Watteau Train Sheath Wedding Dress

This dress gives off a pin-up vintage feel. Pin-up fashion is not just about the sexy dresses and corsets, it’s also about confidence and feeling sexy in what you wear regardless of your size and shape. That’s why this would, perfectly, say something about who I am and how confident I am with my body that this sexy body-hugging dress will definitely look amazing on me!

Plain Sweetheart Beading Appliques Chapel Train Wedding Dress

This dress makes me feel like I’m Cinderella about to be the queen. It has a very elegant style with beadings and embroiders that just says, “Look at me, I’m royalty.” Partnered with the perfect necklace and an updo, I can totally rock this look as my prince charming waits down the aisle.

Glittering Sweetheart Beading Appliques Cathedral Train Wedding Dress

When I was in college, I’d want to be married at the church in Vigan and wear a dress that has a very long train. For some brides, the train does matter. It also has a very elegant style but the train is definitely the superstar in this wedding dress. I would also like this to have blue streak in the middle of the train to match a Dr. Who themed wedding. Teehee!

Getting married is a very big decision which I should be thinking about thoroughly before dipping a foot into it. It has always been my dream to be married to the person I’d be forever in love with but right now, I’m not rushing into anything. I’m still young and I have so much to do and accomplish before I go to that next step. I’m glad that my partner is on the same page. One step at a time. But for now, what’s so wrong with looking and imagining myself in these wedding dresses from Dresswe.


  1. wowww! lovely bridal gowns :)

    Merry Christmas!



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