Tuesday, December 08, 2015

My 2015 Christmas Wishlist

Hello December!

I am not yet done with my Christmas shopping but I definitely have something for all my god children so, kids, I will see you on Christmas Day! But of course, it’s not just about giving and sharing what you have but also giving something for yourself… And so I’m creating this wish list. I’m not saying I NEED TO HAVE THESE by Christmas but what I mean is that I’m hoping to get one of these for myself on Christmas and this can also serve as a guide to all my friends and loved ones who might be thinking about what to give me. Teehee!

A Good Makeup Primer

Screenshot from BeautyMNL.com

I have been asking and looking around on which primer would be best for me and my budget (of course). I have been travelling a lot so a good makeup base or primer in my makeup kit would really make sense. I checked out a primer from NYX and it’s pretty inexpensive but haven’t heard anyone rave about it and then I’m also looking into the Banila Prime Primer which I saw from BeautyMNL.com and was also recommended by a fellow beauty blogger, Jirbie of Couchwasabi.com through Twitter.

A New Digital Camera

At first I was thinking of getting an SLR but then I realized that I need something that’s more on the go so a micro 4/3rds might be better. I will be doing more travels (personal and work) and I love capturing great finds, and memorable moments and places I’d be visiting so this, I think, is a bit of a necessity. I don’t have anything specific yet in mind (as per brand and model) so if you have recommendations with prices, please feel free to post them at the comments section below. However, if you’d want to give it to me for Christmas, I wouldn’t mind.

A Reliable Travel Bag

I think I posted this in my Birthday wish list as well but, unfortunately, I haven’t bought nor gotten one yet. So I’m posting this one here as well because I REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED a new reliable travel bag. Preferably something that is waterproof, please.

A New Makeup Brush Set

Photo from BeautyandMinerals.com
I have been using the same brushes for about two or three years not and I think they need to retire soon. I haven’t gone into checking which makeup brushes would be best, again, for my needs and budget but if you have recommendations just post it below. My brushes are usually Landmark-bought, and from Charm (BeautyandMinerals.com). I’m actually still considering Charm, but again, feel free to post other recommendations below.

New Bed Sheets and Pillows

So this is something I had to add the day after I, officially, posted this wish list. It was only after lying down on my bed last night that have I realized I need a new pillow (or two) and a new minimalist bed sheet with matching pillow cases to make things more comfortable for me when I go get my beauty sleep. I actually fixed my room last night and threw away some old makeup and skin care products to pave way for new ones. Next is for my beloved orthopedic bed. It needs some lovin' too.

I guess that’s just about it… For now, at least. How about you, what’s on top of your Christmas wish list?


  1. I also want a new camera, an action camera to be exact and makeup brushes too. And I'm too much willing to receive them now. Hahaha. I also have my Christmas wishlist on my blog :)

    1. It's kind of mandatory for us blogger to post a wishlist no? Malay mo may magbigay sa atin. :P

  2. This post of yours made me remember to post my wishlist too! hehe. I would love to have a new camera too and new set of white and crisp bedsheet :)

    1. Still waiting for one of these to arrive on my door steps. LOL

  3. Hi Gellie! Just decided to drop by your blog and check out your wishlist - I made one last week, haha! :) Hope to see you or at least catch up over chat soon! ^^

  4. I recently bought Canon EOS M10 and so far, so good! It's a mirrorless camera that is like a digital and and SLR in one. It's very easy to bring,w e didn't have any hassle during our recent trip to Sagada. I totally suggest it! :)

    As for a travel bag, I suggest you get one from Sandugo. My boyfriend always brings his Sandugo backpack whenever we travel and it never failed us. All our necessary stuff would fit in just one bag, I don't need to bring another huge backpack anymore. Haha.

    I hope you'll be able to get most, if not all, in your list. Good luck! Advance Merry Christmas :)

    1. Thanks Mei! Still waiting for them. Haha! Will check out your suggestions. Thank you so much! :D


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