Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Visiting Hershoppe San Fernando, Pampanga

I have been staying and working in Pampanga for about two years now but funny how I still haven’t gotten used to going around and commuting here. I would usually get excited every Friday as I’d finally be able to go back to Manila to hang with friends and explore new places but why haven’t I’ve been that enthusiastic here in Pampanga? Then it dawned on me… I still didn’t have a community here.

A month (or two was it?) ago, I finally joined a bloggers community here in Pampanga and things got exciting again. I know I may sound like a kid on her first day in school but knowing that I have a new set of friends who are originally from Pampanga (and can finally teach me how to speak Kapampangan) gets me excited to go back here every Monday. Hey I don’t even mind staying over the weekend just so I can hangout with them. And aside from these new friends I now have, I can now explore and learn more about what Pampanga has to offer (specifically San Fernando since that’s where I live).

When it comes to shopping for new fashion and beauty finds, I would usually still prefer going back to Manila, but when Khai (a fellow fashion blogger from Pampanga) introduced me to a newly opened fashion (with some beauty stuff too) haven in San Fernando, I found myself saying… FINALLY!

I am so coming back for these socks! 

They have beauty products!
And look at this cute watermelon soap ;)
And these colorful and funky watches! :D
Hershoppe started out as an online shop and then attending bazaars until they finally decided to open a shop in Malolos and now in San Fernando, Pampanga. But aside from their own clothes, they have also opened their doors to brining your favorite online shops offline! Yep, they have your other favorite online shops in their physical store. That means no need to wait for your order to arrive or to keep guessing if it will fit you right because you can just go there, fit it, buy it, and go home with it!

And a trip to a new place won't be complete without a #selfie, yes? :P
Hershoppe Pampanga is located at the MYS Building in San Agustin, San Fernando, Pampanga. It’s near Waltermart just across the PTT Gasoline Station. You won’t get lost, trust me. For someone who can’t commute well in Pampanga, you have my word.

What did I get from Hershoppe? Find out in an outfit post soon. 


  1. OMG! Those socks are too cute!

    I was like that when I lived in Baguio for 2 years. I would always be excited to go home every weekend because I miss my family and friends so much. Then I started expanding my circle and made friends there. Eventually I just didn't want to go home anymore! It was so much fun! Ah, I miss my independent Baguio life. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

    1. It's really just about finding a community to be with. I'm glad to have finally met fellow bloggers here. :D

  2. Such cute and original shop!!! :D

  3. Their pouch collection look adorable!! So many cute prints (also, im from the Philippines too! yeay!)

    Passion Blog | BCfactor.blogspot.com

    1. I think they'd be adding more stuff and I can't wait to see 'em! :D

  4. I'm glad that you've discovered a new community and friends who are like minded, having the same interests in fashion and blogging! The pieces in the store are so cute, I LOVE those socks! Are there different languages or dialects in the Philippines? Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



    1. Same here! I'm actually coming back to buy the socks just because they're too cute to not have! Haha! Yup, there are still different languages in the Philippines and inside those languages are still different dialects too. :)

  5. This is such a nice shop. i love that funky watches.


  6. It is always so nice to feel a part of a community you feel comfortable in, I am glad you found friends to relate to!

    Have a nice day!

    My Vogue Style | www.myvoguestyle.com

  7. Being part time is fun but I think it's even more stressful than a full time because overload of work lol I can feel it from my situation atm! What a lovely community you have found! Hope you have a great weekend!


  8. Such a cute stuff, I love that funky watches, it looks super cute :) x

  9. I want to meet up with other bloggers if possible but I don't think there are any in the town that I live in. I have desperately googled for beauty bloggers living in my area but so far no luck. :-(

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Aww. Well how about in nearby towns? It's good to have fellow blogger friends to hangout with. :)

  10. Oh my gosh, I want those cute socks!
    I'm glad you're feeling a little comfortable there in Pampanga now. Blogger friends? Yayy, that's really exciting. I can't find someone here in Zamboanga though which is sad but I'm hoping I'll meet someone someday.
    Lovely post, by the way. ~

    Love, Fads

  11. I went to a boutique just last Friday too in Lipa and they do sell a lot of nice clothes too. I'm sure this boutique has a lot of kikay items! :)

    SHAIRA // New post

    1. Glad na good fashion shops are starting to arrive na in the provinces no and not just in Manila. :D

  12. Wow all of their product looks super good! So cute x


  13. eeppp everything is so adorable here!! love the socks!

    Have a great week ahead!
    Animated Confessions

  14. Wow this is pretty amazing girl. Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Monday!
    Much love, Len

  15. What a cute shop! Thanks for sharing!


  16. Replies
    1. True True. Had to stop myself from buying a lot. xD

  17. Those socks are too cute!

    1. They are! Can't keep my eyes off of them actually. xD

  18. The soap looks so cute and I think its great that you exploring the city where you are living now and that you found some new friends! About my trip to the Phillipines - it would be absolutely awesome to meet you! Maybe you can show us a little around Manila!? Let me double check but I think we will be in Manila the entire day of October 23 (which is a Sunday so you will be off work!?) and it would be super cool if someone local could show the city to my husband, baby girl and me :)
    Have a great new week!
    conscious lifestyle of mine

    1. Let's keep in touch! I'd love you show you guys around! :D


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