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A few weeks ago, Ate Ai of Atche’s Corner (one of the bloggers I met and became friends with in Pampanga, but also lives in Metro Manila) invited me to try out Savour Manila in Quezon City. It was on a week night and I would still be coming from Pampanga but I still said yes because (1) I rarely miss a chance to hang out with friends, (2) I love discovering new dishes and food places, and (3) I love food… Come on, who doesn’t!

The place is easy to spot. I arrived quite early so there was still time for me to check out the place. What I wasn’t able to try out that night was their craft beers at the bar on the second floor. I’m a beer girl. And by that I don’t mean drinking beer until I’m drunk but more of tasting craft beers and such. For me, the more bitter the beer, the better. Remember when I went to Baguio City and tried out Baguio Craft Brewery? So I told myself that I’d go back here next time for their Unlimited Craft Beer promo for only PHP 500.00 starting from 9:00 PM until their closing. Awesome, right?

These churros from Café Churro are a must try. They’re not too sweet and I especially like dipping them on the vanilla soft-served ice cream.

One of my personal favorites is the Lechon Belly Tortilla from Yummy Belly. They also served us the Tofu Con Lechon which is a sinful (the lechon) but with an apology (the tofu) on the side kind of treat.

Taco de Mama served us the Beef Tapa Tacos and Rellenong Bangus Nachos. Sounds weird but it works well! Plus, we can’t help but notice how generous their servings are.

I didn’t expect to enjoy the His & Hershey’s, Matcha Man, and Red Velvet Martabaks from Martabak Manila. I was surprised how the saltiness of the cheese actually complemented the sweetness of the chocolate, and red velvet. A personal favorite in this bunch is their Matcha Man. It wasn’t too sweet for me which is how I have always liked my dessert.

Isaw served differently but still has that awesome street food taste and feels! That’s what I got from Go Grill. They served us their grilled hotdog, chicken isaw, pork isaw, and pork tenga. Makes you wanna sing, “I’m gonna swing from the…” Oh, yeah, you get the point.

It was the first time I had the courage to try a Dinamita Dish. Thanks to Dynamite Duo for serving us the Landmine and Dinamita which isn’t too focused on the spiciness but also on the flavor of the dish. I loved it. They also served us their own version of the s’mores but don’t worry… It isn’t spicy. :P

You want the Singapore feels? We’ve tried out the Premium Platter, Yakitori Platter, Beef Yakitori Meal, and Chicken Yakitori Meal from Hawker Street and they are sure to fill up your belly with nothing but good food.

I am a big chicken eater. So when we were served the Honey Butter Fried Chicken with Dirty Rice, and Coleslaw from HB Fried Chicken, I didn’t miss out on the opportunity to try this one out and it passed my chicken standards. If I say that the chicken is good… You better believe me.

When Fat Bastard served us the Pablo (not a real guy, of course) which is the Hungarian Sausage topped with chili beef, caramelized onions, sour cream, and fries on the side, we were amazed at how generous the serving was! Warning… This is not for merienda… You can have this for dinner and you’d be full. Two thumbs up!

The Beef Satay Stir from Bistro Kalzada is another dish which is good for sharing. This will definitely fill you up good partnered with, perhaps, a craft beer from upstairs? So Pinoy, no?

Oh! Here’s another chicken dish from Savour Manila I loved! The Garlic Parmesan and Flaming Hot Wings from Chicken Cartel are a must-try. But, hey, when they say it is flaming hot it really is! I better bring my husband here. But if you’re not feeling the wings (boo you! Hehe), you can also try out their chicken skin. Who doesn’t love the balat, right?

And if you’re craving for ribs, look no further. We’ve tried the Oh! Ribs of Ribs.PH. It’s just less than PHP 300.00. Good deal on good ribs, man. It kind of feels like this food park has got it all, eh?

Oh, oh! I haven’t told you yet what my most favorite dish is from what we’ve tasted, no? To be fair, everything I’ve tasted was really good and worth more than how much you’ll pay for them, but this one just stole my heart. You should try the Wagyu with Black Pepper Rice from Como.PH. I’m sorry that my photo didn’t do justice to how awesome it tastes but trust me on this one. The meat just melts in my mouth and even the rice is really flavorful.

We were also able to try the Overload Pizza from Rox to Go which, I think, is perfect for when you bring your barkada there. Definitely something you wouldn’t be shy to finish up to the last piece.

Oh and if you’re looking for the perfect pair for your beer from upstairs, go and try out the Crispy Lechon with Chicharon Bulaklak Platter from Chica’s Chicharonia. Sinful, I know, but worth it!

Of course, a food park is not complete if there isn’t any Japanese food around! We tried out the Caligue Maki from Little Zen Sushi and I think, since I’m so much of a Japanese food lover, I ate the most pieces in our group. Sareeh, guys!

And to end our meal, our dessert was served by Kitchem Lab Creamery. They had us try one of their signature specials, the Dr. Strange (Green Tea Ice Cream, Reese’s Puffs, Cocoa Krispies, Black Sesame, Caramel Syrup) and the Bubble Gum Ice Cream. I would actually want to try out next time their Dexter (Vanilla Ice Cream, Reese’s Puffs, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cheddar Cheese Crackers, Caramel Syrup) because I’m more of a vanilla kind of girl when it comes to ice creams. I always want mine… Hmmm… Simpler.

It was one of those food coma nights I would not mind doing again. I’d want to try their craft beers next time and the other dishes we missed. So what tickled your interest from all the food I’ve featured here? 


  1. The food looks amazing...

  2. Holy moly lady! I kept scrolling down and the food just kept on coming haha. Dang that's a lot of food. I would be a food coma too for sure. Sounds like all the dishes were great, and they looked so yummy in the photos too. A lot of the times I am hesitant to accept invitations on a week night as well. But sometimes I do because I too don't get to hang out with friends too often. It's usually these unexpected last minute invites that end up being really fun. :)


    1. I feel like I gained 5 pounds in just a day. Hahaha!

  3. Wow so much foood!!! And is that CHURROS in ICE CREAM? Never had that combination, but I bet it's tasty!

    Simply Lovebirds

  4. Wow. This food looks so awesome. I don't think I've ever tried anything like what's pictured here. That Hungarian sausage has my mouth watering right now. It looks so good.

  5. Wow! The food looks absolutely delicious, girlie! If and when I ever visit the Philippines, I'll have to make note, but I'd most likely message you ;) Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



    1. I'd love to show you around awesome food places. We have streets here in the Philippines dedicated to restaurants and a province known as the culinary capital of the country. Hehe

  6. I definetly did NOT visit enough food places while in Manila. We just went to one restaurant (which was really good!) and had a terrible dinner at our hotel. Well, we only spent one night so there was not too much time anyway. So next time we really have to meet so that you can take me out :)
    Sending much love!
    Rosa Larissa Klara

    conscious lifestyle of mine

    1. Definitely! I think you'll love the vegan restaurants here. My husband took me to some. 😊

  7. OMG churros! I love those so much. I instantly craved for them the moment I saw your photos.


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