Sunday, August 09, 2020

Mamshie's Vegan Goodies - A Plant-Based Delight

The quarantine, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, has limited all of us in different aspects. We had to find ways on how we can cope to help us stay healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally. From TikTok videos to, drawing, cooking, and even baking, I've seen a lot of people on my timeline get creative with how they used their time at home as both a coping mechanism and even means of earning.

Stumbling upon one baked goodies you want to try after another had been quite normal lately. I did try... A LOT. First of all, it's because I want to support local entrepreneurs and motivate them to continue even beyond the pandemic, and second, they all have something beautiful and unique to offer. Mamshie's Vegan Goodies was such a good surprise. I've been wanting to try plant-based baked goodies, but they're just not that readily available from where I live. So, when someone sent me some of these delightful plant-based cookies, I was just excited to give it a try.

Contrary to what some people think, plant-based dishes, even baked goodies, really do taste good. There are already a lot of alternative plant-based ingredients available to replace animal-produced ones, so coming up with good tasting plant-based dish is not an impossible feat. My favorite part of the cookies is the chocolate in the middle. It’s like biting into a sweet surprise, as you go through the oatmeal surrounding it. The journey toward the middle is also worth it. You’d think oatmeal on baked goodies would be bland, but it isn’t. Or at least, this one isn’t.

Should there be another chance for me to try out these delicious and guilt-free baked goodies, I’d love to. I hope that even after the pandemic, they’d still continue doing this, because I’d love to order and have some more once I visit Manila again. Partnered with a warm glass of milk, I feel like I’ve been taken back to my childhood with these delightful cookies.

Visit @mylabssoooosweet on Instagram to order and try out her plant-based cookies oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

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