Monday, June 27, 2011

Ragdoll Makeup Look

I was bored today so I decided to make a Ragdoll makeup look. It kind of reminds me of Sally in the Nightmare Before Christmas. My model for this look is my ever supportive younger sister, Christine. 



- EnCara BB Cream
- Wish Pressed Powder
- Kawaii Liquid Eyeliner (Yes, on the face)


- Love & Beauty Smokey Palette (Gray and Black Shade)
- Love & Beauty Brow and Eyeliner
- Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara


Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner #05
- MAC Lipglass in Gitane


First, I used the Marionnaud Sponge to apply the EnCara BB Cream all over the face even on the brows and a bit on the lips so that you can control how you want everything to look. The EnCara BB Cream lightens up the face that is why it is perfect for this rag doll inspired look.

For the eyes, I lined first the brow using the Love & Beauty brow and eyeliner then used the Gray shade on my Love & Beauty Smokey Palette to apply all over the lids until the brow bone. Apply the black shade from the crease blending it upwards. Once the eyeshadow is done, pull and blend some of it until it reaches the part below your eyes where the dark eye circle is supposed to be. This will create a darker look on the eyes; thus making it more perfect for a scary rag doll look. For the lashes, I just used the Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara since my sister's lashes are already thick and long naturally.

For the lips, I applied the lip liner from Etude House to draw first the lips I wanted. We want the lips full yet small. So I shaped it from the middle of the lips and left the sides looking pale and dry. After lining your desired shape of the lips, I filled it with the MAC Lipglass in Gitane to give it a red and shimmery look.

Now, here is where the transformation begins; using the Kawaii Liquid Eyeliner, I lined the two side of the cheeks starting from the lips and made a stitched look on it. Same with the upper part of the face starting from the forehead, passing through the eyes until the lower part of the eyes where the apples of your cheeks are. Make a stitched look with it as well. It doesn't need to be straight since it would look super fake. 

This is one of the experimental looks I have tried and I hope you all love it. This is perfect for Halloween or themed parties. Do share me your picture if you tried this look. I will be posting more of our pictorials soon and maybe more on my Deviant Art page. 

Till next post! ;)


I would love to know your thoughts!

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