Monday, July 04, 2011

BonChon Minion Treat

July 02, 2011 (Saturday) - The day that the Minion Dollar Club gets the Bonchon Chicken treat courtesy of Ms. Joyce Ramirez (Publicity Asia). It was a indeed a very fun meet-up for the Minion Dollar Club as we finally get to meet Ms. Joyce Ramirez, Jake Galvez of Beckynights and ofcourse, the one and only Fashion Pulis.

(L-R) Ms. Joyce Ramirez aka Publicity Asia, Earthlingorgeous, GELLEESH, Shopgirl Jen, Brew Of The Day, FashionArchitect and Ms. Andrea See - Marketin Manager of BonChon Chicken

I was seated with some of my fellow bloggers / friends: Earthlingorgeous, Shopgirl Jen, Brew Of The Day and FashionArchitect.

Craving for more :P

Food at BonChon is really great. The chicken wings are super addictive. The technique is in the double frying technique they use. Trust me, I'm not a fan of wings but after tasting BonChon's it was definitely a different experience. No need for dips or rice which will only add up on your carb intake. The wings itself is just heavenly enough for your taste buds. The wings also have its spicy counter part and I DO NOT eat spicy food at all; but when everyone else liked the spicy wings, I gave it a try and I loved it as well. The spicy-ness was blended well with the chicken. It becomes an appetizing treat even for those who do not normally eat spicy food.

Other foods they offered us during the Minion Treat was their fish wrapped in pita bread (Was it pita bread? Please do correct me if I got it wrong). They released it during the Lenten season and because of its success, it was maintained. It's a bit spicy but I managed to finish it because it tastes great!

For those who still craves for rice, they do have this rice meal which is topped with beef. It's truly a delight. Oh, if you want a side dish, try their colselaw. It has a different kick which will make you ask for more.

Laptop background = <3

After the treat and all the chika, Ms. Joyce didn't let us leave without taking home something. She gave us a L'Oreal Gift Pack. It was distributed randomly; but we were all surprised as to how the contents seem to be matching with what we really need. So happy with mine.

This is such a great meet-up with the minions and the Queen B, herself. I hope there'd be more of this! ;)

*BonChon branch was at the Greenbelt 1 branch


  1. Aw, your post made me even hungrier. LOL. I've been catching up on blogs and I've been seeing a lot of food posts. Yours just reminded me of some chicken wings we had a few days ago. I think I'll have to go eat after posting this comment. hehe.

  2. @Janel - Try BonChon chicken! They are actually the best chicken wings I've ever tasted. No need for dips and all. XD

  3. that post made me so hungry!
    i really want to give those loreal poducts a go :-)

  4. @nana - go give it a try. promise, they smell great! :D

  5. i really want to try the bon chon chicken. :) those l'oreal products seem nice. have seen a couple of blog posts about the event. ;)

  6. @sugar - once you've tasted their wings, you'd be hooked! :D

  7. Hi Gellie! Thanks for the sweet comment. Yes, that is a panda's skull. Glad you liked my very own necklace. =)

    By the way, these foods look yummy! I'm drooling over those chicken wings!! =) You look cute together with the other bloggers. =) Hope to meet you soon as well.

    A couple of days ago, I followed you on twitter using my personal twitter account. I rarely use the public one so I guess I can reach you easier through my personal one. =)

    Lots of love,

  8. @Jemy - Hope to meet you soon too! Tweet me so I'd know what account you're using. :D


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