Monday, July 04, 2011

Venice Piazza Food Adventure

Last Saturday, after Minion Treat at BonChon Chicken, blogger Earthlingorgeous invited me to the Venice Piazza Food Adventure at Mckinley Hill.

Upon arriving to the venue, we were given our Food Adventure Passport and we were so overwhelmed with all the food listed in it. The food were pouring in and we couldn't eat everything. We weren't able to finish them all, but we sure did eat a lot.

I wasn't able to take note as to which food came in first; but of course, I will never fail to show you the food I've tried:

Baked Macaroni w/ Orange Salad from Empire Deli & Restaurant

Baked Oysters from Pinchos Restaurant and Bar

Butter Ginger Crab Claws from The Red Crab

Crab & Mango Salad from Blackwood Bistro

Exotic Foods from Balaw Balaw (L-R) Worms,  Unhatched Egg Tofu and some Herbal Leaf

Frog from Balaw Balaw

Quesadillas and Buffalo Wings from Sweet Pea

Gelato (Vanilla, Strawberry, Mi Cherry Amore) from Sol Gelato

Overwhelmed? Well, Imagine all of these in front of you. It took us like 3 or 4 hours before we finish this. What I can never forget is the exotic foods I've tasted. It's the very first time that I have eaten those kind of food. Oh and my favorite was the Baked Oysters. I love Baked shell fishes. I still have 6 restaurants to finish and it's extended I don't know till when but next Saturday, I might go back. I'm still not sure, though. I will still have to check my schedule; but I do want to go back. My Saturday was filled with great food indeed!

Overwhelming indeed!

The satisfied look On Earth's face and mine. We're so full! :D

Till next post everyone! ;)


  1. everything looks so delish gelleesh! ahahaha!will try this place out soon! :)

  2. oh mah gawd frog i have not tried that yet =l
    loads of food yum! :D

  3. wow couldn't believe that you actually ate all of those.. AFTER eating a whole bunch of stuff at BON CHON! haha.. grabe. adik! Ito pala yung niyaya ni Earth. Sad that we weren't able to join you guys.. but wow.. what a treat! I wouldn't dare tast the exotic food though. hehe..

  4. @beautylilsecrets - it rhymes! delish, gelleesh. haha! :D

    @amz88 - they just taste like chicken! :D

  5. Oh my, sarap nung baked sea food.

  6. @Rae - True! It's one of my favorite dishes kapag seafood. :D

  7. wowww yummmie! i love the quessadillas! mouth watering!
    btw, i followed back.. thank you for joining the giveaway!
    good luck!

  8. wow these food photos made me think of switching to a food blogger from fashion blogger haha! I LOVE TO EAT!


  9. @Diane - no prob! i love your giveaway. so excited! :D

    @Denise - haha! do food blogging on the side. :D

  10. Hi Gellie! This is such a great post, something everyone must try! And super daming food choices. Did you really order all that food or was that included on the passport? You look so pretty with Earth beside you, both of you look soo satisfied! Hope there can be a meet up soon, I'd love to meet everyone!- Mar

  11. @Mar - It was included in the passport and you'd just have to ask the waiter to bring you whatever food is in there if you'd like to try it. I hope there'd be a fashion/beauty bloggers meet-up. It would be great to finally meet everyone! :D

  12. OMG this is way toooo yummy for the eyes. I want them in my tummy now!! LOL. Great post! Now a follower :> Hope you can drop by my blog!

    xo, H A N I E

    P.S. I'm currently having a survey in my blog on which is a better blog giveaway: The Spa GC or an Eyelash Extension Service?? I really really hope you can vote 'cause I'm planning to have a giveaway soon..and of course I want it to be something that everyone will love :D Thank you so much!!! <3 visit my blog to vote :)

  13. my goodness my tummy is just asking me to go there! LOL I wish there could be a beauty bloggers meet up so I can see you na! ^^,

    Much love!


  14. @Hanie - Thanks! :)

    @Photoescape - Join us when we organize another meet-up :)


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