Friday, September 02, 2011

Shopping with Blogger Friends

(L-R) Little Sofi, Codename: Aya, FashionisArchitect, Brew Of the Day, ShopGirlJen, GELLEESH, MsGenD
Last August 29, 2011 I went out to meet my beauty+fashion blogger friends and aside from the fun stuffs we did and talked about at CBTL, we also went out for a little shopping session at Landmark.

I am not a regular at Trinoma but it is where we have all agreed to meet each other; plus it's the most accessible place for all of us. It was a great place to shop since there's MAC there, Clinique, Suesh and other cosmetics brand. Oh, and there is Landmark for affordable stuffs from clothes to accessories and makeup, ofcourse!

We've all had exchange of thoughts as to which makeup is good or not and some of us have bought something. Here are the stuffs I bought:

Tassel Earrings from - P200

Headband from Landmark - P115 something (I forgot, sorry)

Headband from Landmark - P120 something (I forgot, sorry)

Ever Bilena Pro Lipstick with Shimmer - P125
Thanks MissGennD for introducing us to your accessories line. I so love the tassel earrings. The headbands are so cute and I'm a sucker for cute stuffs specially cute headbands. Oh and I've been longing to buy the Ever Bilena Lipstick so I'm really glad I finally did buy one that day. I'll be making a review of it soon. Watch out for it. I'm also planning on buying the other shades because they're just oh-so great.

BTW, I'm going to the Cosmetics Expo this weekend and I'm excited for a bigger haul. Who's going? See you there, guys! ;)


  1. looks like you girls have tons of fun! :D those are really cute accessories too! :)

  2. @Fashion Cousense - Thanks! I love headbands super! Hope you could join us one time <3

  3. Oh....I'm so inggit! next time, lets go out with them girls ;) hope to see you soon!

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  4. @Mar - Diba you'd be at the Blogapalooza? :)

    @Abi - I love 'em too. I wear one of 'em all the time. Kind of became my trademark at the office ;)

  5. I would love to have this makeup accessory for my wife


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