Sunday, October 16, 2011

DLSU Bloggers Congress 2

So my sister (a DLSU student) and I went attended the second DLSU ( De La Salle University) Bloggers Congress at the Yuchengco Building. We actually woke up a bit late for the event but still we managed to arrive quite a bit early. We met up with Ms. Marga (KMBI's Web Unit Head) at the DLSU lobbyand proceeded to the venue of the talk.

Rob Cham | Anton Diaz | Camille Co | Saab Magalona
The first talk was supposed to be by Christian San Jose; but since he could not make it, Rob Cham took his place. He was a very funny guy and my sister and I loved the sense of humor he puts in his comic strip. He just stumbled upon blogging through Tumblr which is the best platform for him to show off his works. Because I asked him a question about DeviantArt, I won a poster of his art work. I am a fan now!

Second talk was with Anton Diaz, the blogger behind Our Awesome Planet. I learned a lot from him. From a brief background about the Digital Publishing model to cloud hosting, viral marketing and most especially this quote: "It is not about popularity. It is about impact." True enough, it's more satisfying to know that a certain reader of mine buys a product I recommended. That means that I have already influenced someone through my thoughts. I know it's a small thing but that's the idea isn't it?

After the two talks, there was a break and a raffle. I won 2 Gift Certificates from Le Plume and a one year web hosting and domain registration from I'm actually giving the hosting and domain registration GC to my sister, TheBlackSheeproject, but she is kind of having second thoughts. In case she declines and decided to buy her own domain by herself, I will give this away to one lucky reader. Who wants? :)

The third talk was with Fashion Blogger, Camille Co. What I learned from her is more of the important things to remember when blogging and what is necessary to be seen in one's blog layout. She also explained the important details a fashion blogger should do and should have on their blog and accounts such as Lookbook and Chictopia.

Last speaker for the day was celebrity and lifestyle blogger, Saab Magalona. She was honest enough to admit that she wasn't prepared for this because of her procrastinating (I have this sickness too. LOL). However, I had fun from her talk. She told us how she started out blogging and how she was all emo back then with her posts filled with teen angst and all that. She reminded everyone to not let the fame of blogging get into our heads because there was a time in her life when it did and it isn't a good thing.

Ms Marga with Anton Diaz

Gelleesh with Camille Co

After the talk, we were directed to the Yuchengco Building lobby for a cocktail meet and greet. I just had my picture taken and a small chat with Camille Co and a picture with Anton Diaz and we (me, my sis and Ms Marga) left for a dinner in BonChon. I've been craving for this and been talking non-stop about BonChon. Finally!

Our Bonchon Dinner
According to the organizers of the event, the blogger congress will help DLSU with raising awareness regarding their month's advocacy and the blogger congress will now happen every term. So for those interested to attend next term's blogger congress, I'll just keep you posted, alright?

 Till next post!


  1. woow dlsu now has bloggers congress? cool! :)

  2. OOOh, cool, free hosting :D Me likey :D

    I still haven't tried Bonchon. Haha but I'm hearing LOOOOTS of good things about it kaya I want na rin tuloy. :D

  3. aww too bad i had a meeting during bloggers congress! looks fun!

  4. I wasn't able to gooo.. :( great event!

  5. Very interesting event! And its really nice tobe part of an event which is fora good cause, like this one. Thanks for sharing these! Looks like you had so much fun :)

  6. @Hazel - Yup. It'll happen every term :)

    @Aya - I'm giving the free hosting away soon ;)

    @Ava - Sayang. I sure did learn a lot... ;)

    @Myrted - Next term meron ulit. Sama ka! :)

    @Noelle - Not only did I have fun but I also learned a lot :)

  7. wow! sounds like a great event :) kudos to dlsu

  8. I hope to attend something like this in the future, I guess it would be great to learn a thing or two about blogging! Btw, I just have to mention, you look soo pretty Gel, loving the eye make up here. Post naman how you made this look, love it! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  9. Hello! I saw you at the event! Sigh. Really hoping for La Salle to make this a once-a-month thing na.

    Blogged about this, too! I have a picture of you but your back was turned. I think that was the time you were asking Rob Cham questions.

  10. @Tin - Sama ka next time :)

    @Mar - You're so sweet Mar. Thanks! Might post a new tutorial soon :)

    @Ara - Hope to see u at the next blogger congress :)


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