Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NOTW: Pink and Dots Part 2

It's been like two weeks since I last changed the nail polish on my finger nails. It's because I have been too busy with work and with events so please forgive me. Anyway, since I have Freeway and then a Multiply Shopping Party to attend to, it's about time I put on some fresh new nail designs on my finger nails.

What I used
For this nail art, I chose to create a simple pink polka dot nail art. After applying my favorite Nail Hardener and Base Coat from Caronia, I used the NYX Nail Polish in Bella which gives off a light pink color on my nails. I did three coating to make it more visible. Afterwards, I used my 2-way nail art pen and did all those tiny dots on my finger nails. Since I used to dot my nail art back then using a hair pin, the dots were quite large compared to this one. To top it all off, I used the Chic Glaze Silver Dust to give it a nice grungy and glittery finish and then conditioned the whole nail art with the Caronia Kwik-dry & Cuticle Conditioner.

Tha nail art went well and it's just very simple to do, right? Dots never go out of fashion when it comes to nail art. It's the easiest to do.

P.S. Here is my new cut:


  1. Ang sexy naman ni gellie.... woot woot...

  2. I couldn't agree more with Jade! You should change the title into ANG SEXY KO! Pak!

  3. Love your new haircut!

  4. @Sweethestia - Haha! Woooh! XD

    @Genn - Pansinin mo naman ang nail polish kooo. Hahaha! :P

    @WickerMoss - Thanks! ;)

    @Popblush - Thaaanks! I think it made me look more mature :)

  5. girl you look so sexy in your pic!

  6. @Phoebe - Thanks dear! Hope to see you again soon! :)

  7. Gellie! Ooohhlalaaaa! Sexy naman nito! Hehehe! :P Ang unang mpapancn tlga dto ay ung kasexyhan hahaha! Polka dots nails. Cute! Love the lip color anong name nyan? Oh and I love ur new hair! Now ur next mission is to change ur blog layout.. :P

  8. va va voom naman nito! pang PG ba ang blog mo? hahaha! and yes, i love the nails! :)

  9. @AteeNadj - Yah! I wanna change my blog layout. Pero I want it simple pa rin. Almay ata lippie ko nito... Forgotness XD

    @Jen - Hahaha! Pwede ding PG-13. Hahahaha! XD

  10. Your nails are so cute~!!! I love tutorials of nails~ If you have time you should make one ^^ Also, your haircut is super cute <3

    xoxo tifuani


  11. @Tifuani - Thanks for the suggestion, dear. Will try that. :)


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