Sunday, October 16, 2011

OOTD: Attending the DLSU Bloggers' Congress

Hello everyone! Awhile ago, I attended the 2nd DLSU (De La Salle University) Bloggers Congress.  I won't be going into details as to what happened. I will be posting that in a separate blog entry as this one is dedicated to my Outfit Of The Day.

As a lot of you know, I'm not very much of a fashionable person; but I still want to pursue this new content in my blog because this is a good way to improve. I need to archive my style and get comments and COSTRUCTIVE criticisms from my more fashionable readers and fashion blogger friends.

My top is an off-shoulder top I have ever since. I think since college, I dunno. My mini-skirt is my ever so favorite brown mini-skirt I bought from Robinson's Place Manila, The bag is actually one of my favorite bags. It is from EGG and my shoes are the brown with leopard print pumps I bought on my first ever Fashion Haul.

There is actually no specific reason why I came up with this look. It just so happens that these are what I have grabbed from my closet and I think they kind look okay with each other so it was a go for me. It's just now that I've realized that I did not have any accessories. Must buy some soon.

Most fashion bloggers have this standard couture-worthy pose and I don't have one. Haha! I'm no expert on fashion blogging so please forgive this happy-go-lucky looking pose.

Tell me at the comments section below what you think of this whole outfit. Thanks and till next post!


  1. love your OOTD sis. And the shoes, yan ba ung nabili with Gen?. How i wish i could wear high heels. Im proud of you girl.

  2. I love how you are getting conscious about your style. And doing something to improve it is the best part! Cheers to more shopping for NECESSITIES!!! <3

  3. like the outift, im not fashionable myself and i think not to be a fashion victim, it's nice to chronicle your clothing style para meron kang comparisson and something to look back and learn from...

  4. girl you look great! bagay yung outfit sa yu. wear more mini skirts!

  5. @Sweethestia - Yup. These pumps were on of 'em. Let's go shopping soon. :)

    @Genn - Thanks babe! I owe a lot to you. You've encouraged me so much.

    @Sadie - Thanks dear! :)

    @Manilenya Mom - I want to take advantage of my blogging career to help me improve din. :)

    @Phoebe - Aww, thanks! :)

  6. off-shoulder tops look great on you!


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