Saturday, October 29, 2011

OOTD: Flashback to the 80's

LEFT: At the office | Right: At the Party

After 2 days of having no blog posts, here's one at last! I have always been tweeting about the upcoming 80's themed anniversary party of KMBI and that's what keeps me busy these past few days. Our endless 80's dance practice and prep. Crazy. Anyway, it was all worth it because the party was amazing and everyone really did dress up so 80's! From the Bagets look to the goth, punk and material girl style. Everyone really did their best and the party was like a different timeline. Curled and teased hair was fad that night with skirt, leggings and warmers.

For my tutu skirt, I want to thanks my blogger / fashion designer in the making - Genn of She really did an awesome job in making the Teal Tutu Skirt, right?

This was what I wore when I went to the office:

Pink Tanktop (SM Surplus) | Gray Ice Cream Off-Shoulder (Thrifted) | Brown Knitted Skirt | White Socks | Black Pumps | Tassel Earrings (MissGennD) | Purple Wrist Watch (Colorful Indulgence)

... And this is me during the party. I know how haggard I look like here because I was the makeup artist of a lot of people there. So it was a hot makeup session at the girls' comfort room. However, it was all worth it, seeing how pretty the girls were:

Pink Tanktop (SM Surplus) | Gray Ice Cream Off-Shoulder (Thrifted) | Tutu Skirt (MissGennD) | White Socks | Black Pumps | Tassel Earrings (MissGennD) | Purple Wrist Watch (Colorful Indulgence)
Who has reached the 80's era? Tell me something about it and what you wore during those times. I bet it'll be one helluva crazy discussion. Comment your thoughts below, I would love to hear about your fashion fads during the 80's era!

Till next post! :)


  1. I love it! you are very creative, Love!! super nice the concept! at least you didn't have to do a super transformation! galing galing! a thumbs up to you sweetie!

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  2. Love it babe! Super love the make up too! 80's na 80's! See you sunday babe!

  3. @Mar - Thanks! Actually pagdating namin office kailangan pang 80's na pero ayoko pa ipakita yung tutu skirt ko so yan muna sinuot kong skirt :)

    @Genn - Thanks super. You really did an amazing job, babe! :D

  4. Nice!!!! perfect combo. so love THE tutu skirt!

  5. i agree! so creative and you look great!!!

  6. @Vian - Made by our very own MissGennD! :D

    @Phoebe - Thanks Phoebe! :)

  7. So this is the famous tutu skirt! Nice Gel & Genn :)

  8. @Tin - Yes, this is the famous tutu skirt by Genn! :D

  9. I read that using socks is comfier, you also pull off the look great. Yet looks like you wouldn't adopt this as an everyday look. So i guess socks might be comfier, but not to the point it's worth wearing them often.


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