Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Snoe Sunblock Instant White

"Here comes the SUN and I say... It's alright!"

We always need to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Even if, we think, we won't get any darker, it can still cause us various skin diseases and we all know we do not want that to happen. It's important that we use a skin care product which will give us the SPF we need to protect us from the sun. I've been using various products which ranges from moisturizers and foundations with high SPF content, and recently, I have used the Island Basics Sun Shield. Loved the product and it has given me the protection I needed plus it's organic. 

However, I have come to try the Snoe Sunblock. I am still loving the Island Basics one but this one has different features which will leave you in awe.

The Good Bits:

You thought it would look yellow no? xP
First of all, the packaging is cute and their tagline sure is catchy. It's like the product is talking to you, personally. The scent is refreshing and doesn't bother me at all. The product has been tested from a lab in Singapore that it really does contain SPF 45. Yes, that much SPF on one product. It moisturizes your skin, non-greasy, paraben-free plus it instantly whitens your skin. Yes, instantly! What is its secret? Well, aside from the usual lycopene and aloe vera extract, it also contains Bengkoang (Singkamas) which contains Vitamin C, Flavonoids, and Saponins (noooose bleeed! LOL) which is a natural sunscreen to prevent damage brought about by free radicals. It effectively inhibits the formation of melanin and pigmentation due to hormoes and the sun, as it prevents and reduces acne scars as well! This product will immediately transform your skin with a whiter complexion that comes with anti-aging effects.

The Bad Bits:

Some people do not need the instant whitening/lightening effect and the scent may or may nor please others too. For the packaging, yes it's cute and I love how aesthetically pleasing it is, but comfort wise, I wish it's turned the other way around so you can squeeze it easier especially once the product is already running low.


(L) Without Product (R) With Product
The product is super effective as it really gives you what it promises. However, some of its features might not be desirable to some people. But I'm judging this depending on its claims and what it promises to give. I'm giving this a 10/10. Will I repurchase this? Yes. It saves me time and makeup products as it also gives a good coverage and covers my blemishes when combined with a mineral loose powder.


  1. I whitening sunblock? I haven't heard of anything like that. Hmmm.. looks convincing.

    Thanks for the visit dear. Have a great day! :D

  2. it really makes the skin seem brighter! thanks for the review dear. :)

  3. It brightens the skin nga. Is is kinda sticky ba when you apply it? o tama lang?

  4. @Pink Magaline - Try this one. Amazing product talaga! :))

    @Sugar - It does! Amazing talaga :)

    @Sweethestia - No, it's not sticky at all :)

  5. gwel, did you get to go to BU2? would've wanted to meet you, sayang! great review:)


  6. Wow! Thanks for the review! I'm looking forward to trying out the brand. :)

  7. @Eden - I did. But super daming tao. Hindi ako makaikot nang maayos and I had to go somewhere after ): Marami ako di napuntahang booth din. ): Sana may next time pa! :D

    @Des - Welcome! I highly recommend their Beauty Soaps. They have 12 variants to answer the different skin concerns of women :)

  8. @Sarah - True! Loving this sunblock :))

  9. how much?? cnt w8 to try this one :)


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