Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Attending the Cosmetologie 2013

I was set on filing my leave for that day then I found out that it was actually a holiday. Oh, lucky me, indeed!

I woke up a bit early and was set on attending the Cosmetologie 2013 in the morning till afternoon. Oh, but the lazy kid in me kicked in and before I knew it, I found myself lying on my bed, with the fan on its highest and just tweeting and laughing at some stuff in Facebook. But I still want to attend the event so at around 10am, I was finally able to push my lazy ass up my bed and prepared to go out.

I arrived at the LRT EDSA Station around 1PM and waited for Aya ( for a bit and then we took a cab going to the World Trade Center. You know, one of the best things about attending an event is being able to hang out with my blogger friends and meeting new people in the blogging community as well. Actually, we were supposed to meet up with Kat of but she went to the event in the morning and we weren’t able to catch her. Hope to see you next time, Kat! Oh, and we also met up with another gorgeous beauty blogger, Ana Alina of So it was the three of us who went around the exhibit and all.

There weren’t much booth during the event but there were still those which caught our attention. We hang out longer at the Kleancolor booth. It was also one of the booths which Aya and I fancied at last year’s Cosmetologie event. I haven’t been putting much color on my nails these past few months but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested anymore. I was just so busy but would love to do some nail art posts again. The regular price for the Kleancolor nail polishes was P149 but they were on sale and I just couldn’t resist so I bought the Holo Pink shade from their line and I’m gonna be doing a nail of the week post with it soon. Watch out for that!

There was the Caronia booth, which was also present last year, the Goody stall, ooooh *closing eyes*, the BYS Cosmetics area which was a bit hard to approach because there were tons of people visiting it, some Bed Head products to make you drool (60% off! Awesome, right?) and other makeup and beauty stalls which would surely make you spend like crazy if you’re not as disciplined as I am now. Hahahaha!

There was also the competition and all which pretty much gave the judges a hard time because the outputs were super gorgeous if I may say so. Plus say hi to Fanny Serrano! J
Too bad I actually missed Dawn and Liz of the because they arrived shortly after I left. Aww. But I’m hoping to see you, Dawn and Liz, some other time. So, yeah, I left a bit early because I needed to go to MoA with a friend but all’s good. I enjoyed the event especially that I am with some blogger friends.

Would I attend next year? I still would. Last year’s Cosmetologie event was bigger and had more booth and stuff but I’m hoping next year would be as big as the 2012 or even better; and I’m hoping to see and meet more beauty bloggers especially some of my regular blog readers.

See you around! 


  1. Too bad we weren't able to meet. :P Next time!

  2. Super nice seeing you again, Gel! More chika next time :) We saw Dawn and Liz after you left pala.

  3. huhu. sayang talaga gellie! i bought some stuff for the two (aya) of you pa naman. syempre from Natasha. LOL. :)) hope to you see you next time na talaga!

    1. Aww.. Sayang nga eh. ): Next time sana magkaabutan na tayo! :D

  4. awww, ang cute nyo! hehehe
    sayang, walang ganyan dito sa Cebu. ^_^

    1. Aww... Punta ka minsan ng Manila if another expo like this pushes through. Hehe. We would looooove to see you :D


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