Monday, September 19, 2011

All Glammed Up and More Makeup

Hey everyone! I know I have pending reviews which I have promised because I have been buying so many stuff these past few days; but before I begin with my reviews, let me share you the makeup which my dear friend, Fashiometics, sent for me and for All Glammed Up. I won't be able to sort 'em per product but let's just do this by brand. 

Jane Cosmetics - I love the Agua Ceuticals because it's organic plus both have SPF 30!

The EOS Lip Balm! :D

Bath & Body Works! :D

Clinique Eyeshadow with blusher!

Wet N Wild Lipstick and Eyeshadows!

Cover Girl! :D

L'Oreal Lip Color. Berrry Red!

NYC Lip products!

Forgot! This is from Bath & Body Works as well :) 

Aerie Liquid Foundation!


ELF Primers!

Maybelline Blush!
Drooling  now? Well, we would soon be releasing some of them at All Glammed Up so better watch out. Some are for me; but I still have t o ask Fashiometics which are those. I also sent Fashiometics some Filipino cosmetics. Brands I included are EverBilena, Human Nature and G-Lish. She also requested a FaceShop wipes so I got her two.

Do you guys got friends from other countries? Do you give each other makeups so that they'd be able to try your country's cosmetics line? Well, Fashiometics has been my friend since 6th grade so we really are close ever since. Her family moved to the US when we were in senior HS and even though we're miles apart, the friendship never left our hearts. 

I miss you Cel! Hope to see you soon. Either you come visit me or I'm gonna be visiting you (but not anytime soon LOL).

Do visit Fashiometics' blog about Fashion and Cosmetics:


  1. wow!!! :)) yeah im definitely drooling.. i want to grab those EOS lipbalms!!

  2. aww, your story is too cute Gel! i'm intrigued by rimmel's foundie and jane's agua ceuticals tinted moisturizer! :D

  3. Wow you've got a lot of stuff to review in there! Great products, love the EOS and wet n wild things. :D

    You might be interested to join my giveaway. Visit my site. :)

  4. I want to try EOS too! -Ate KC here <3

  5. @Alta - We'd be selling them at All Glammed Up. Click the link at the blog post to visit the shop. It's not yet there but we'd release it soon ;)

    @Eenah - Go try the Rimmel! :) For the Agua Ceuticals kasi it's not for sale; but we have other Jane tinted moisturizers, though not organic, with SPF30 still :)

    @Myrted - Yah, I guess I'd be a bit busy reviewing these great products!

    @Ate KC - We'd sell them at All Glammed Up soon! :)

    @Gaby - Thanks! :D

  6. Save me some EOS in red! IMY Babe! <3

  7. Now that is A LOT OF MAKEUP! :) I love the packaging of Aerie Liquid Foundation. Haven't heard of it though! :) Can't wait for your reviews! ^__^

  8. i have a friend who i met in youtube and twittwer and we trade stuff with each other. she's from the US. :) i'm actually waiting for a package from her now. :D

  9. wow!!!! ang dami nya pang pinadala sayu! lucky you!

  10. @Genn - Sureness, babe! One EOS Red reserved! :D

    @Morbidfrank - I tried it last night and I love it's matte finish :)

    @Sugar - wow! that's good to know. so u send her mga local beauty products? :)

    @Phoebe - Trueness! I'm drooling talaga XD

  11. whee. that's an awesome package. definitely drool-worthy. that's a super cute and sweet way to keep in touch. =))

  12. wwhoooaaa im totally drooling... can u give me some?? lolz..

  13. @Jackie - Thanks! :D

    @Ashley - We would sell some of 'em at our online shop:

    @Amz88 - I was so happy when I got this! :D

    @Nadine - True, true! :)

  14. A box full of make-ups! :D Heaven! :D


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