Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Cosmetics and Otaku Expo at SM Megamall

All excited for the Otaku Expo (Dad,Mum,Kim and Czai)
Sunday, September 04, 2011 - I went to SM Megamall to attend two events. (1) The Otaku Expo 2011 and (2) The 4th Phil-Cosmetics Expo. We went first to the Otaku Expo since I'm with the whole family and my two sisters are the anime addicts in the family so we visited the bazaars at the Otaku Expo first. 

My ticket to the Otaku Expo! <3

Anime Figures!

More Anime figures!

Gundam <3 

Cosplay Stuff

Czai with her toy <3
With Lelouch :D
There were action figures, Gundam toys and of course, cosplayers. My sis was supposed to buy a Gundam toy as part of her collection when she this Kanade action figure. Kanade is one of the main characters from her favorite anime, Angel Beats; so instead of a Gundam toy, she ended up buying that for P1,300.00.

Where I bought some Nail Art Stuff

Dollface Cosmetics

Ever Bilena
After the Otaku Expo, we went to the Phil-Cosmetics Expo. I was super excited and also overwhelmed with all stuffs they sell there; plus at super big discounts. There weren't a lot for cosmetics; but that's a good thing, or else Imma be bankrupt before the end of the day. I was able to buy stuffs from Kairyu Nails, Ever Bilena and Careline, Go Natural and Digital Traincase. 

More from Kairyu Nails

50% Discount on Ever Bilena Products!
I was entertained by Kate Vergara, the awesomeness owner of Kairyu Nails. She taught me nail art techniques and what to do and what not to do. She is super nice and she invited me to a seminar about nail arts in Pasig. I will still have to check my sched on that. Ever Bilena and Careline had 50% discount off that day. Super big, so I bought quite a lot of stuffs from them and for Digital Traincase, they were overloaded with NYX, EOS, China Glaze, OPI and the Charm Brushes to name a few. I also passed by the booth of Mary Kay and the beauty consultant there invited me for a free spa at their Timog Branch. Will also have to check my sched for that. 

After buying stuffs from the Phil-Cosmetics Expo, we went down to Penshoppe and I also bought a few stuffs there and got my GET UP access and 2 stamps for the Fan Conference Card

It was a tiring but super fun day for me and for the rest of my family. I will be making a separate haul post so that I can show you one by one the stuffs I bought without having to make a too-long blog post. I wasn't able to meet up with my fellow blogger friends because I really forgot to text them. I was too excited and overwhelmed. MissGennD texted me as we were heading back to the parking lot and that's when I realized that I was supposed to meet the others. I just called her and had a mini-chika session over the phone and scheduled another meet up.

Hope to meet other beauty and fashion bloggers soon and till next post! ;)


  1. excited to see your haul sis! I wasn't able to go at all eh :(

  2. @Eenah - Aww. Super laki discounts. Sayang :s

  3. cant wait to see what you got with your gcs!

    join my ongoing giveaway!!!

  4. Wla nko naabutan sa EB grrrr~ See you soon babe!

  5. @Sarah - I still got (1) P500 GC left! :D

    @Genn - See you soon! :D

  6. hey there pretty lady :) kate here. it was super nice meeting u at the expo. please let me know if there are people who want to avail of nail art services ha. thanks!!! like me naman sa fb thanks heaps!

  7. my late brother has a collection of anime figures like the one above. this post made me miss him but i'm also happy because it seems that you had loads of fun! :)

  8. waaahhh... d ako nakapunta huhu :( something came up kasi & they need my help. oh well! hope magkaroon pa next time. sana nagpabili pala ko sa yo ng EB bronzer hehe :D

  9. @Kate - Sure thing! :D

    @Sugar - Sorry bout your brother. Hope to see u one time! :D

    @Jen - Oo nga. 50% off is too big! :D


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