Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Cosmetologie 2012 Experience

Hey y'all! Wasn't very active yesterday online. I just had my 3rd molar extracted for my braces and it was, actually, considered as a minor operation. It wasn't a pretty sight and stitches had to be done. I was supposed to attend the A1/Blue/98degrees concert last night but because of the extraction, I just couldn't. I thought I'd be strong enough to go but I stand corrected. Anyway, enough of the depressing situation yesterday. Let me tell you guys about what happened to me during the Cosmetologie 2012.

Count on my beauty blogger friends to never miss a beauty-related event/bazaar/expo. We just can't help it. You see, it's like we're born to buy makeup, stack 'em up our rack and think of ways on how to use them. But this time, we've been very smart shoppers. Well, I wasn't, but good thing, my beauty blogger friends were present to help me out.

There wasn't much shop for personal use and I'm quite glad because I wasn't tempted to spend  much. Most stalls offer stuff for people who would be starting a salon or a makeup studio. First stall we've visited is, of course, Digital Traincase and Sophie's ( Beauty and Minerals + Charm Brushes. The girls went on to buy some NYX stuff from Digital Traincase while I checked out the mineral makeup from Sophie.

Next stop was to have our skin analyzed for free at the Dermclinic stall. We were all scared to find out what our skin problem is but we felt the urge to know. I was quite relieved to know that I don't have any major skin issues. My face is just oily (it used to be dry; but after moisturizing so much I guess it has turned oily LOL) and has some warts. Warts actually runs in the family so no biggie. I'm planning to have 'em removed maybe later this year. I still have got stuff to prioritize like buying myself a new camera. Boo! ):

Then, Janine and I had our blood analyzed and that's when we found out the issues our blood has. I lack water and healthy food and I also saw the paracetamol I took the day before because of my headache. They gave me a diet but wasn't able to follow it. LOL

Aya and I have been pretty obsessed with doing our own nails. So, when we saw Kleancolor and Caronia, we just couldn't help but buy something. Caronia was actually offering free manicure/hand spa for those who would purchase from them. No minimum purchase required. But, too bad, we weren't able to have our mani because too many people were in line; but hey, it's alright. We do enjoy doing our own nails. Right, Aya?

My last purchase was made in one of the stalls selling tons of salon products. I forgot the name. Jes showed us a box of false lashes. The tag says it's P120 but I guess they're on sale because they gave it to us for only P100. What a deal, right? 

Here's the stuff I bought and some samples:

My purchases :)

Samples and Freebies :)

It was really a fun event because I was with my blogger friends. I rarely attend events if I cannot find a blogger friend of mine who is going. I mean, events are just events and they're actually not fun without my blogger friends. #FACT 

GELLEESH | Gie ( | Jes ( | Janine ( | Aya (

Nadj ( with Aya and Janine

Were you guys able to attend the event? How did you find it? What did you buy? ;)


  1. I love your top babe! And I miss you to shreds!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Haha ang laki nga ng space ko sa pic! :-O nice seeing u again Gellie :-)

  3. You all look so cute! Yeah, events are not fun without blogger friends. I remember going to one and I do not know anyone at all. :D

  4. Permission to grab group photo! :P

  5. Aww.. you girls sure look like you had fun. Too bad I wasn't able to go. Oh well.. maybe next year. :P

    1. Hope to see you in one of the events I'm gonna be attending ;)

  6. lucky you! love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  7. too bad I was not able to go... I have work that day

  8. sayang hindi ko ito napuntahan :( miss ko na kayong lahat :( And I hope ok ka na. Ang sakit pa naman nyan!

  9. amazing post
    all those products seem amazing! :)

  10. I regret not going! But at least my photo was present at the bazaar haha :) What a steal on that box of lashes!


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