Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mini Bloggers Meet by Hyphen

TGIF! I have blogged before that Hyphen is going to the Fun in the Sun Bazaar and if you've been following me on Twitter and Facebook I posted an invitation to everyone regarding a mini-meet up Hyphen has organized. Actually, the meet-up is open for everyone so I also invited some friends to attend as well. Before I start my post about the event, let me just thank E of, the owner of Hyphen, for sponsoring the event.

Zheyme, Janine, Gie, Bec, GELLEESH, Esther :)

I arrived late at the event and Bec and Zheyme were already there. Sorry, girls! Then while we were waiting for the others to arrive, we made chika and took pictures of the booth. Then, Janine came and I introduced her to the girls. After a few minutes, Gie with her boyfriend arrived and the riot started. If you've been on an event with me, you'd know that our group is super loud and we laugh a lot. I think I've told you guys before how much I love my blogger friends. We may have only been hanging out for less than a year but the connection between us girls is really genuine. Aww... Hehe. Enough of the drama! Back to my blog post.

naputol ako... hahaha! :P
A few minutes more, Nieves (my KMBI officemate) came followed by Anly and Farrah (Pixel Pro officemates). I missed those two girls from my previous work, Pixel Pro. I'm glad to have seen you girls once again. I'm seeing you again soon, okay? After they've arrived, a few more chika, kamustahan and then I made a mini thank you speech about how glad I am that they came, my being a Hyphen Ambassador and to E for the event.

With E, owner of Hyphen :)
Before leaving, E asked me to distribute the loot bags she has prepared for my guests. They all got one cute pink loot bag. Thanks E! The girls really enjoyed the stuff they got. And E also asked me to pick a bag from her shop, and of course, I got the mini satchel bag in pink. Pink is too hard to resist, you know? I also bought a special kind of nail polish. It's the magnet/metal something nail polish. I'd be doing a nail of the week post about this one soon. Better watch out for that.

Thanks for this cute pink bag, E! :)

Magnetic nail polish of some sort :)

It was such an awesome night. Thank you Hyphen for being so generous to the bloggers and I hope we made you laugh your heart out with our super ka-kulitan. Also, thank you to my blogger friends and personal friends who made it to the event. I really appreciate the effort and support. I hope you'll love your loot bag.

Yes. They have the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2! :)

The bags and some clothes :)

Accessories!!!! :D
Hyphen will still be at the FUN IN THE SUN BAZAAR until the 31st of March. The bazaar is at the Victoria Tower in Taft Avenue across PCU. It's the building that houses 7/11 and Avon. Hope you can drop by there and if you did, don't forget the secret password to get a discount. Just tell them: Gelleesh.

I'm coming back there next week, who want to meet-up there? ;)


  1. Wow! This seems really cool. :D I wish I could do meet ups with fellow bloggers as well.

    I bet you had a good day!

  2. Looks like a fun event! I love the pink satchel you got too :D

  3. Glad you enjoyed yourself! Unfortunately I'm not in your country so :P anyways great pics! Thanks for sharing such fun moments with us!

    1. Hope I can see you some other time. There's a possibility of going out of the country ;)

  4. Too bad I wasn't able to go. But you guys sure look like you had fun! :)

  5. Too bad I wasn't able to go too.. ^^, Great post Gel!:)

  6. Thanks Gellie and Hyphen for having me! It was definitely fun fun fun!!! :X

    1. Glad to know you had fun! See you on Tuesday! :)

  7. Bongga this meet up by Hyphen! :) Namiss ko kayo, napa-smile ako nung nabasa ko na loud talaga the group pag nagm-meet!! Cute niyooo ♥♥


  8. Sayang, di ako nakapunta. Looks like you girls had fun :)

    I'm excited to see your post about the nail polish. I'm about to receive kasi a magnetic nail polish soon. Excited na ko haha!

  9. I went nung saturday naman! sayang i would love to meet you gellie :)

  10. Wow that looked really fun! :) That magnetic nail polish thingy is interesting. I'll wait for your post to see how it works.


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