Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret is now Revealed!

OMG Late na naman ako!

This has been one of my most abused lines every morning. I wake up 4:00 AM just to get my hair and makeup done. Hey, I don’t even put much color on my face or whatever. It’s just that I want to have a more relaxed morning so I take a bath slowly and comfortably, enjoy my Arabica well and do my makeup and hair carefully. That is why as much as possible, I wish I can get some of my products performing really well so I can do things faster without the need to wait too long especially when drying up my hair. What to do when I want to sport beach wave hair and it’s taking too long to dry! I’d rather be late; but if I can improve things, why wouldn’t I?

I was quite curious when I got invited to this “secret” product launch at Tokyo Posh in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center.  The invite came from the women behind Strip (Where I got my first ever BrazilianWax) and Browhaus; and knowing them, I know it’s something amazing. So, I RSVP’ed and anticipated for the day.

Here I go again...

OMG Late ako!

Tokyo Posh, I shall return :)

Secret is now out!

Quick OOTD at Tokyo Posh! LOL
I apologized to Monique for being late (Again, I’m really sorry! Last time I was early so this doesn’t happen often. >_<) and she was very cool about it. I was given the press kit and she briefly introduced me the new product. However, Monique has a plane to catch so it was Tab who answered all of my questions about the product.

The Shampoo and Conditioner. Review soon! :)
The My Amazing Blow Dry Secret is a new hair care collection featuring three products – the Quick Dry Shake ‘n Spray and a special Shampoo and Conditioner. These products claim to help anyone achieve that shiny, bouncy and silky hair in just HALF THE TIME IT TAKES to usually style one’s hair. They help speed up the evaporation of water, as the formulas hydrate and protect hair during blow drying and styling.

"Hair trends come and go, but hair that is silky, full of bounce and incredible shine will never go out of style," says David Lopez, one of today's most in demand celebrity, editorial and session stylists. "My Amazing Blow Dry Secret is my new secret and a vital tool for my editorial and session work. My clients have high demands, and thanks to My Amazing Blow Dry Secret, I'm able to deliver stunning results in about half the time—which is so important when I'm on set or styling VIPs for a special event. I know that every woman will leave my chair with shiny, bouncy, healthy looking hair. Now that the secret's out, every woman can have those same results every day at home!"

Amazing finished product, indeed. Combined effort by My Amazing Blow Dry Secret and Tokyo Posh Stylists! I love how it shows off my beautiful ombre! :)
During the event, we get to try the said products... Well, the stylist tried the products on us and I was actually amazed at how fast they were able to style my hair. They gave me such beautiful curls, no? This is where I actually got the idea on trying out the Sexy Beach Wave Hair because FINALLY I can do it without taking so much of my time.

I just finished my sample bottle of the Quick Dry Shake ‘n Spray so expect my review of the said product in a separate blog post. And although I have tried the shampoo and conditioner during the event, I’d want to personally use it again (since I have samples that would be fairly possible) so I’d be posting my review of the shampoo and conditioner tandem too soon as I use the samples I have. Just to give you a quick preview about my soon-to-be-posted review about the Quick Dry Shake ‘n Spray, I’m planning on buying the full bottle soon!

Okay, blurry! One more! One more!

There 'ya go. But... Ako lang nakatingin sa camera ko. LOL
Thank you so much to the stylists in Tokyo Posh Extensions and Styling Studio for giving my hair those pretty curls. I haven’t given hair extensions a try... Maybe I should drop by Tokyo Posh again soon for a hair vanity session as a Christmas treat for myself, no?

You can purchase the My Amazing Blow Dry Secret products at All STRIP Manila Stores (STRIP Serendra, 2F Serendra, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig | STRIP GreenBelt 5, 4F GreenBelt 5, Legaspi Street, Ayala Center, Makati City).

Tokyo Posh is located in Level R2 Power Plant Mall Rockwell Center, Makati City and at the 3rd floor of the Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, Quezon City.


  1. Oww.. I heard about them na.. super nice raw jan sakanila :) and yes.. you're looked fab after! <3

    1. Thanks Rhea! Would want to try their extensions soon! :D

  2. OMG just when i am thinking of making my hair wavy (from afro to wavy) U look amazing ;)

  3. OMGOSH! your hair looks so so amazing!! so gorgy you look beautiful with curls!

  4. Your hair is soooo pretty! How I miss my long hair!! haha napatingin ata sila sa hair mo!

    1. Hehe. Oo nga no, that could be one reason why they weren't looking at the camera. Hehe :D But your hair looks so pretty as it is, Ava! I envy your short hair nga. I wish I can sport short hair pero it won't look good on me. xD

  5. I like the curls Gel! You look good! Uhm never tried extensions too! Try it then show it to us! :)

  6. I super love your curls!!! <3 Hay... How I wish styling my hair is easy.. But hair styling is something I dread 'cause it takes a lot of time. Anyway, will be waiting for your review on the My Amazing Blow Dry Secret products. If it really works, I'd want to try it din! :)


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