Thursday, December 08, 2016

FOTD: Sweet Sunday Makeup Look

I have slowly been adjusting to living in a new environment. I got used to the simple and peaceful life in the province (after almost three years of staying in Pampanga) and then all of a sudden, BOOM! I’m back in Manila... And not just any place in Manila, I’m in Katipunan!
I thought it would be tough for me to adjust but I thank my friends for helping me with the transition. There would be Friday night messaging of where our next “ganap” (event or happening) is, lunch out invitations in UPTC in case there’s no work on that day, and a Christian community I can go to every Sunday thanks to one of my awesome blogger friends, Jenny. And since there have been so many changes, as you've noticed, I've cut my hair short again! I have no regrets but there would still be times when I'd miss my longer hair. Maybe I should get an Ombre Wig or a Clip in Human Hair Exension. What do you think?

For this makeup look, I created a simple and sweet makeup look for my first Sunday service in VCF Katipunan. Let’s get started!


FACE: L’Oreal True Match Foundation in N7 (Nude Ambre) | Nichido Final Powder in Ivory Glow | Max Factor Pan Stik in Nouveau Beige | NYX Blush in Pinched | Snoe Bee Happy Makeup Setting Spray

EYES: In2IT Triangular Eyebrow Liner in WTB02 (Tawny) | SanSan CYO Eyeshadow in Pink Opal | NYX Escape with Rico 3 Color Shadow Palette in Love in Rio | Ever Bilena Advance Eyeshadow 5 Shades in Amazing Pink | Maybelline Hyper Sharp Wing | Dolly Wink Long Mascara

LIPS: NARS Lip Gloss in Scandal


After moisturizing, I used the L’Oreal True Match Foundation in N7 (Nude Ambre) all over my face and blended it with the Detail Makeover Oval Brush for foundation. After that, I used the Max Factor Pan Stik in Nouveau Beige on my under eye area and other spots that needs more coverage and then topped it all with the Nichido Final Powder in Ivory Glow.

For the eyes, I used the In2IT Triangular Eyebrow Liner in WTB02 (Tawny) to fill in my brows and blended it with a spoolie. Now to the eyeshadow, I used the SanSan CYO Eyeshadow in Pink Opal all over my lids and then lightly brushed the darkest brown shade from my NYX Escape with Rico 3 Color Shadow Palette in Love in Rio on the crease area. For my waterline, I used the white shade from my Ever Bilena Advance Eyeshadow 5 Shades in Amazing Pink, then the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Wing for the light-looking wing and then finished it all off with curling my lashes and using the Dolly Wink Long Mascara.

For the finishing touches, I used the NYX Blush in Pinched on my cheeks then the NARS Lip Gloss in Scandal for my lips – the only lip gloss I loved.

What do you think of this makeup look? Would you wear this for a church service?


  1. Nice post! It looks soft and great on you...

  2. Very pretty! I love the eyeshadow!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  3. You look so pretty! This makeup is lovely!

  4. Wow! Magnificent makeup!

  5. I can understand why you miss your long hair because I did too when I cut my hair into a short bob two years ago. You look amazing with your short bob though, you wear short hair so well!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. Oh sweeitie you look super duper cute with this haircut!!!!
    and such pretty make up! In love with your eyemake up!

  7. Your eyes are really pretty and that shadow colour suits them so well! Your hair looks great lady! I could never pull this off and it looks so great on you. I totally know the feeling of going short at first though. A bit scary! And I've only had my hair to my shoulders haha. Hope you are having a great week!


  8. This is such a pretty look.

  9. Aw so pretty, I love natural looks like this! Your blog is always giving me so much inspo too, well done you for having such lovely content! x

  10. You look so lovely! Great post hunny xx

  11. such a cute smile :) great post!!

  12. Beautiful make up!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  13. ang ganda! so fresh! :)


  14. You have the cutest face and I love your haircut. This is such a soft & beautiful look. Love the makeup you used.

  15. Such a cute look!


  16. You makeup is so flawless Gellesh, I love how it still shows your natural beauty but still giving you a flawless look, yours are popping!!

  17. It's a sweet look. I love your haircut btw!

  18. You're in Katipunan na pala! I can only imagine the transition from the tranquility of Pampanga to Manila's hustle-bustle. (I totally recommend IndonYaki in Maginhawa)

    Nice post! And FAB hair, as always!

  19. Omg I think I'm late on this na but wow!! your hair!! Looks really lovely! :) I think it's a good makeup for church service. :) very light!

  20. Beautiful make up.And I love your hair.


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